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Consultations- Consultations with our chiropractors are complementary at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness. This is a brief meeting between you and the doctor to determine if you may be helped by the services we provide. If the doctor thinks we may be able to help you, he will recommend an examination to gather more information regarding your health condition.

Exams- An examination consists of orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests to determine the origin of your problem(s). If the doctor feels as though X-Rays are needed following the examination, they can be performed immediately on site. If the doctor recommends other diagnostic procedures (i.e. MRI, CT scan, etc.) beyond our scope, an appropriate referral will be made.

X-rays- To help properly evaluate your condition, digital X-Rays will be taken, if necessary. The doctor will read the x-rays and be able to determine if you have arthritis, disc degeneration, spinal misalignment or other pathologies which will affect the way we treat you. The doctors use Posture Ray software to aid in the analysis of spinal x-rays and to measure abnormal deviations. The patients at our chiropractic clinic, Harker Heights can easily see exactly what corrections are necessary and track the progress of treatment, whether for spinal subluxations, scoliosis or a ligamentous injury secondary to traumatic event.

Chiropractic Adjustments- A chiropractic adjustment refers to a process in which a trained chiropractor uses his fingers or a specialized instrument to apply sudden force with controlled pressure on a spinal joint. We provide chiropractic adjustments to restore joint mobility through gentle spinal or pelvic manipulations, at our Harker Heights clinic. Once the normal range of motion of the joint is restored through these manipulations, it has a direct effect on the nervous system of the patient as well as their general body mechanics. Also known as spinal manipulations, these chiropractic adjustments help to improve the physical function of the body by correcting the structural alignment. This therapy relies on the body's natural ability to heal itself. It is based on the principle that the body's structural and functional abilities are closely intertwined, which is why the structural corrections achieved by the chiropractic adjustments performed at our Harker Heights clinic have a direct impact on the functional abilities of the body, hence encouraging self-healing.

Extremity Adjustments- Most people have a very limited idea of what chiropractors actually do. Although we get great results with back and neck pain, we can also work on other joints in the body including the jaw, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Many patients in Harker Heights and surrounding locations have enjoyed great non-surgical outcomes with problems such as TMJ dysfunction, rotator cuff syndrome, and carpel tunnel syndrome just to name a few.

Perinatal Chiropractic- Parents today are realizing the benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy. By creating and maintaining optimal spinal and pelvic alignment, moms find pregnancy to be more comfortable and ultimately prepared for a safer, easier birth. Dr. Jessica utilizes the Webster technique on her pregnant patients. The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of the sacral subluxation or SI joint dysfunction. In doing so, neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved.

Pediatric Chiropractic- Chiropractors have been caring for children for more than 100 years. Many common childhood complaints respond favorably to adjustments. Newborn health complaints such as colic, acid reflux, breastfeeding disturbances, poor sleep habits and chronic infections can often be traced back to nerve system stress caused by spinal and cranial misalignments. What do these newborns have to be "stressed" about? The birth process, no matter how natural the experience, can create these misalignments and more and more today we are seeing the effects of birth trauma on these little spines. For this reason more parents are electing to have their child checked by a chiropractor shortly after birth.

Dr. Jessica will not only assess spinal and cranial alignment, but she will pay close attention to proper nervous system development in order to prevent delays. Many developmental milestones such as learning to hold up the head, rolling, crawling, walking and talking can be affected by spinal alignment. Older children benefit as well. Various falls, playground activities, and heavy backpacks can affect your child's nervous system. Often time this nerve stress is displayed as ADHD, allergies, bedwetting, and more. Pediatric adjustments are gentle and tailored to each child based on age, shape, and size. Babies often times will sleep right through their treatment!

"STIM" Electrical Stimulation- This interferential electrical therapy is different than an at-home TENS unit. The STIM uses two different low frequency stimulations that are placed diagonal of the injury area allowing the waves to intersect and promote pain relief and healing. Natural endorphins and other natural painkillers are induced by these tiny electrical impulses that are described as having a faint "pins and needles" sensation. It is a therapeutic treatment that relieves pain and decreases swelling and inflammation through alternating electrical wavelength frequencies. It is also a therapeutic treatment to aid in soft tissue healing. igament sprains, muscle strains and spasms often respond very well to this treatment.

Patient Benefits of STIM:

  • Reduces Painful Symptoms
  • Decreases Local Swelling
  • Promotes Muscle Tone
  • Restores Normal Movements
  • Releases the Body's Natural Pain Killers
  • Accelerates the Healing Process

"IST" Inter-Segmental Traction- The IST therapy at our Harker Heights chiropractic clinic is one of the patient's favorites as it combines the use of gentle rollers and vibration (optional) to induce passive motion in the spine. By stretching the spinal joints, there is an increase in mobility, circulation, healing, and a reduction in the degeneration and/or thinning of discs.

Patients simply lie face up on the IST table, relax, and let one of our Chiropractic Assistants activate the motion which consists of rollers that slowly move up and down the spine and the optional constant vibration. The soothing motion and gentle rolling action exercises the spine without effort and is found to be very restful. Discs often have poor blood supply as fixations prevent the natural flow of fluid from the surrounding spinal joints. This can cause disc degeneration and thinning. By stimulating and stretching the spine you increase the circulation of blood, help stop further degeneration, and begin the healing process.

Patient Benefits of IST:

  • Relaxing, comfortable, rejuvenating
  • Increased spinal mobility
  • Improved circulation of spinal fluids
  • Increased mobility and healing
  • Reduction in disc degeneration and thinning

Ultrasound Therapy- Ultrasound therapy refers to the therapeutic treatment of soft tissue injuries by the administration of high-frequency sound waves to the affected region.

These high-speed waves generate a heat response in the injured tissue, leading to a therapeutic healing effect. This is brought about by the breakdown of calcium and other dangerous deposits in the soft tissue by the vibrations and heat in the ultrasound waves. The transmission of these waves to the skin is achieved by the use of a gel which might feel cool when applied to the skin at room temperature. The ultrasound treatment is applied at the site of injury and penetrates deep into the body, causing a rise in temperature which helps to relax muscle spasms, massage damage tissues, increase blood flow to the injured site, and ultimately speed the recovery process.

Summary of Patient Benefits:

  • Dissolving calcium deposits
  • Improving blood flow, and hence speeding metabolism and the healing process
  • Providing relief from nerve root irritation
  • Effective in the treatment of shoulder, elbows, and other sports-related injuries

Spinal Decompression- A non-surgical treatment for degenerated, bulging and herniated discs, Spinal Decompression Therapy is effective at stretching the spine to increase the space between discs. This pain-free therapy has a very high rate of success at reducing or even eliminating neck and back pain. As an alternative to surgery, decompression restores nutrient flow to the discs, takes pressure off the nerves, and helps to prevent further disc problems to help minimize the debilitating pain and discomfort associated with disc issues.

Spinal discs are the "spacers" between vertebrae that help cushion the spine that keep the bones from rubbing together and causing spinal degeneration. With continuous or accumulated damage, these discs can become worn, compressed, bulging, or herniated. Lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, and a variety of symptoms can be caused by damaged or degenerated spinal discs.

Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness uses a state-of-the-art machine which is considered the leading non-surgical alternative to relieve symptoms of cervical and lumbar disc degeneration. Due to the non-invasive and effective nature of this traction treatment, millions of people in Harker Heights and surrounding locations suffering from degenerative disc disease and the painful symptoms associated with it have been given new hope!

The treatment lasts less than 20 minutes and is administered while you are fully clothed. The Decompression Unit will take each patient through cycles of stretch and relaxation, which peak after several minutes. Most of our patients report a noticeable difference after only a few treatments. There are several position options for your comfort and for the success of the treatment

Patient Benefits of Spinal Decompression:

  • Helps reduce/eliminate back and neck pain
  • Releases pressure on the nerves
  • Improved circulation of spinal fluids
  • Pain-free alternative to surgery
  • Reduction in disc degeneration and thinning
  • Non-invasive and effective treatment

Curve Restoration Traction - Traction applied to the spine to restore or decrease the curves of the spine as viewed from the side. Research has determined the amount of curve that is appropriate for the various regions of the spine. Abnormal spinal curves make the spine more prone to degeneration, disc bulges, disc herniations, and other injuries.

Rehabilitation - The aim of the rehabilitation program at our Harker Heights chiropractic clinic is to encourage self-recovery through regular strengthening and stretching exercises. We pay special attention to patient education, and design a specific program to suit the individual needs of each patient. This helps to rehabilitate the injured or dysfunctional area by focusing on the underlying muscle weakness and imbalance, instead of merely alleviating the symptoms.

Core Muscle Strength Training and Stretches- Beyond all the muscles in the legs and arms, the core is the most essential part of the body to possess strength and stability. Core muscle weakness is a major cause of many musculoskeletal problems and pain syndromes. By developing proper core muscles, many problems can be resolved as well as preventing future injuries.

Your "core" is the same thing as your torso or trunk which extends from the shoulders down to the buttocks and hips, including everything in between. Many people think working the "abs" by doing crunches is all they need to do but the abdominals make up a very small portion of the core. Crunches are beneficial only if done properly, to protect the lower back, and need to be augmented with a variety of core exercises to achieve functional strength.

Core strength and stability is considered "functional training" in that it enhances the day-to-day routine work you put your body through and makes daily chores easier, faster, and safer by stabilizing the spine during lifting, twisting, contraction, stretching, and other movements.

Posture Correction- Many patients who do not have any symptoms choose to undergo this type of treatment to optimize the function and form of their bodies. Proper posture is crucial to your quality and quantity of life.

Considering that all but one of your major organs are in your torso, the positioning of the skeletal and muscular systems are key in providing enough room and protection for these vital areas. (The exception is the brain which is housed inside a hard skull.) Proper posture not just offers health and longevity to your spine, it allows your lungs to receive enough oxygen, gives you heart room to pump powerfully, keeps the digestive system moving smoothly, and allows all your organs to do their jobs without restricting the physical space needed to function properly.

Posture correction can be achieved through a combination of chiropractic manipulations, tractioning procedures, and posture exercises. The doctors will make recommendations as needed per your initial and progress exams.

Nutrition Recommendations and Supplements- Wholesome nutrition plays a key role in the attainment of optimal health. While the chiropractic adjustments at our Harker Heights clinic address your structural wellbeing, we also provide nutritional counseling and supplements for holistic treatment. Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness has an on-site nutritionist who specializes in helping our patients reach their optimal health and get the results they want

Following the popular lifestyle of fast food, convenience eating, dining out, microwave meals, and boxed/bagged/canned foods is taking its toll on our bodies. We can either live that popular lifestyle and end up as obese and unhealthy as the majority, or we can choose the less traveled path that leads to health, wellness, and quality of life for a greater quantity of life. The choice is yours!

"You are what you eat" is an understatement… junk in, junk out. Focusing on cravings, convenience, or even "fat free" food options, as opposed to nutritional value, has left us with many undesirable symptoms. If you or your child are experiencing weight gain, gas, bloating, indigestion, reflux, constipation/diarrhea, unwanted weight loss, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, allergies, frequent colds/flu/infections, asthma, menstrual problems, urinary dysfunction, circulation issues, anxiety, depression, colic, behavioral problems, ADD/ADHD, (and the list goes on!) then look to making a serious change in your eating habits. Believe it or not, you can reverse a lot of the damage done to your body and relieve many of these symptoms through chiropractic care and proper nutrition.

Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, Harker Heights provides nutritional counseling using the Nutrition Response Testing technique, which is a unique analysis used to detect nutritional deficiencies and underlying nutritive stress factors. Some of our patients are candidates for the Nutrition Response Testing technique and the Nutritional Program which consists of whole food nutritional supplements and dietary changes as recommended by our nutritional expert to restore balance and proper function to the body. We only recommend the highest quality whole-food supplements from world-renowned companies such as Standard Process and Mediherb which are only sold by health care professionals. For your convenience, we have most supplements in stock and can quickly order anything we do not carry.

Self-prescribing supplements can actually hurt, instead of help, your health. It's important for a professional to not only test and recommend supplements, but for them to also see you through your progress to adjust intake if necessary. The Nutrition Response Testing will continue through the program to adjust your supplements to achieve the highest potential for optimal results. Please note: Nutrition Response Testing does not diagnose or treat disease.

Patient Education Classes- At Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, we offer a variety of patient education classes to teach our patients and the general population about the human body, how it works and how to make it work better and more efficiently. We offer a New Patient Class weekly at our clinic. We also offer classes on Spinal Care Workshop, Detoxification and Weight Loss, Top 10 Health Myths and Whole Food vs Natural vs Synthetic Supplements, Biomechanics, Sports Injury Prevention, Posture and Form, and more. Many classes are offered outside of our office and we are happy to offer free education for your group. Please call our chiropractic clinic in Harker Heights at 254-698-1600 and ask for Ursula if your organization or company is interested in free health education.

Posture and Spinal Screenings- Posture and spinal screenings play a vital role in the diagnosis of important health information and can go a long way in identifying the steps that need to be taken for the patient's wellness. Our chiropractors provide free screenings at community events, health fairs, workplaces, fitness centers, shopping malls, etc. We have several different screening methods we use to check for posture and alignment. Contact us today to arrange a screening at your event or workplace. Call our chiropractors at 254-698-1600 and ask for Ursula.

School Physicals- Physical examinations are required for participation in most extracurricular activities in school. As licensed Harker Heights chiropractors, we are an approved provider of these physical examinations. The school physical consists of a medical history questionnaire and the physical examination. The questionnaire must be completed by the student/athlete and parents and is provided by the school or organization that is requesting the physical. The doctor will review the medical history and perform a thorough the physical examination. Both pages of the physical evaluation form (the medical history and the examination assessment) must be kept on file in the school office.

Athletic Performance and Sports Injury Care- Chiropractic care is used by top athletes around the world to achieve full athletic potential, treat sports injuries, and help prevent future injuries. Let us do the same for you!.

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What is Chiropractic?
Along with medicine and osteopathy, chiropractic is one of the western world's three major healing professions. Chiropractors specialize in treating biomechanical causes of disease that result from misalignments of the spine and poor posture.
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